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Matt, Brian, and Kent are three normal guys, just like you, attempting to balance families, jobs, and finances with their God given passion for the outdoors. They're not professional hunters, writers, videographers, or photographers...but they're going to do their darnedest to put out quality, entertaining content. Watch them hunt, share your stories, and enjoy being a part of the LOH Family.



The Lucky One

Always in the right place at the right time.



    The Old Timer

    Hunting as long as Matt and Kent have been alive.



      The Natural

      On this planet to hunt and fish.

          Zeus The Dog

          Zeus The Dog

          The Workhorse

          Does what we cant...or just dont want to.

            What We Are:

            Not Professional Shooters
            Whether its a bow, a shotgun, or a rifle...none of us are professional shooters. You will see us miss...and in the case of Matt, quite a bit.
            Not Professional Videographers
            Were coming into this with no experience and a lack of proper, quality equipment. As time goes on you will see that change but bear with us from the start! We commit to doing our best to put out high-quality, entertaining hunts.
            Not Professional Hunters
            We cant afford major outfitters so were hunting our own farms, our friends acreage, or public land. You WILL see us make some stupid mistakes and blow some easy chances. You WILL see us go home empty handed. You probably WONT see us take a 160 class buck, although we will certainly work to make that happen.
            Extremely Passionate Outdoorsman
            Amidst all the things we arent there is one thing we can proudly say we are. We are three men with a deep calling to the outdoors, passionate about hunting and fishing. We believe that a bad day in the woods is....well, you know the rest.
            Years Hunting Together
            Species Hunted
            Memories Made

            Latest from the Team

            Whether you're looking to read a hunting story, check out the latest "That Guy" post, or read an article on the newest gear, tricks, or techniques, our blogs and articles have got you covered!

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            LOH Story: First Successful Whitetail Archery Hunt.

            When I was a teenager I grew up on one of the best deer hunting locations in Minnesota. My family was blessed to own a few hundred acres of land. Half of which was wooded and the other half tillable farm land. This combination led to a wonderful deer haven! Once in the winter my […]

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            That Guy: “The Marksmen”

            – Today’s “That Guy” is brought to us by a special guest writer; Gary Barrett. –  I was new to deer hunting and still using a borrowed rifle. The “Marksmen” whom I never met helped me decide what type of action I would eventually purchase for my own deer rifle. It was Saturday morning and […]

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            Six Duck Identification Factors: Mallard

            Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Probably the most well-known, at least to the masses, of all ducks is the Mallard and rightfully so!  Its North American population puts the Mallard at around 11.6 million breeding birds (2015 DU traditional area survey).  This ranks the Mallard as having the largest duck population in North America. One of the […]

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