About Us

About: Matt   Barrett


I grew up in a town of less than 400 people in Northwestern Minnesota.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a ton to do.  From a young age I discovered the enjoyment that just being outside has to offer. Squirrel hunting with my pellet gun, searching for sheds, or just walking through our woods, I spent my time outdoors.

Hunting isn’t something that has been in my family for generations.  Before I was born my father, a pastor, moved our family from Dallas, Texas to Lake Bronson, Minnesota, a town of about 150 people.  He quickly realized that hunting here was more than something a few people enjoyed.  For him to connect with the men in his church he needed to do what they loved; hunt.  Melroe Gunderson, a man I am truly honored to have known, offered him a spot in his hunting party.  Three decades later he still hunts with those same men.

My passion for hunting started with my families yearly trips to deer camp on the last day of the season.  I remember being seven years old and seeing the deer they’d taken, hearing the stories told, and wanting nothing more than to be a part of this.  At age 9, he started to bring me with.  Not to hunt but I didn’t care…In all the hours I spent sitting in the cold I never saw my dad so much as raise his rifle.  But those hours I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Just me and dad doing “man stuff”.   

I took my first deer at age 14.  I watched through my scope as a spike buck sparred with a nice eight pointer.  I was in awe.  So much so that I forgot to shoot.  The eight jumped back into the woods and disappeared.  The spike became my first deer.  I was officially a deer hunter.  

My first duck hunt also came when I was 14.  Armed with a single-shot 20 gauge on the Minnesota Youth Waterfowl day I was limited out by 7:30…and hooked.

My passion for hunting has continued to grow every year. Now, I hunt anything and everything my budget will allow.  I am greatly blessed to have a wife who understands my obsession and puts up with it. She knows that, come fall, my schedule revolves around hunting and living five hours from the farm, this means I’m gone.  She has even started hunting with me.  I’m proud to admit she’s a better shot than I am!  By the end of the first day she’d ever shot a rifle she was annoyed if her grouping wasn’t a single hole.  I’ve shot for 15 years and I still can’t do that… 

We have three kids; Addi (4), Nolan (3), and Shane (2).  At a young age, I can already see my passion growing in them.  If I’m headed to the range, they want to grab their bow and come with.  Every time Addi see’s a deer she excitedly asks “Dad!  Can we shoot it!?”  Warms a fathers heart. I look forward to the day I can start bringing them a long, like my dad did with me.  



Matt’s Gear List: 
  • Waterfowl Shotgun: Stoeger M300
  • Upland & Turkey Shotgun: Remington 870; 12 Gauge
  • Deer Rifle: Ruger MK77 7mm Mag
  • Scope: Nikon Buckmaster
  • Bear Rifle: Marlin 45-70; open sights
  • Sidearm: Springfield XDM; .45 ACP
  • Bow: Mathews Z7

Matt’s Favorite Hunts:

  • Whitetail; bow from a groundblind. 
  • Pheasants
  • Duck

Matt’s Dream Hunts:

  • Moose; Yukon
  • Red Stag; New Zealand

About: Brian Thorpe


I have been blessed to be born into a family with a heritage rich in waterfowl and deer hunting traditions.  34 years of my life I have been chasing waterfowl and another 20+ years chasing whitetails.  I have had the pleasure to share a blind with many family members and friends along the way.  Now I get to create memories with my kids.  Gavin (13), Ian (11), Clay (9), and Ryleigh (6).  Yep, three boys and a girl! 

I am an avid fisherman, enjoying Great Lakes fishing on Michigan and Superior, as well as local small streams and lakes.  My favorites being walleye and salmon, I am happy with any specie I get on the line.  My wife, Shannon, also enjoys fishing and camping with the family and puts up with my crazy hunting addiction/passion!  She has accompanied me on several duck hunting outings and she is my favorite fishing partner!

I can honestly say that I enjoy almost every aspect of hunting.  From finding new spots and scouting to building blinds and hanging stands.  Clearing brush and cutting limbs to setting up a decoy spread.  The shot is the anti-climactic piece in the whole process.  To be able to butcher and process the game I take is the icing on the cake.  I can’t say I have ever thought of myself as a trophy hunter of any sort.  I enjoy filling the freezer with the most nutritious meat I can provide and finding new ways to cook and host game feeds.

To wake up and enjoy watching the world wake up around you is a true gift from God.  Watching a flock of bluebills dump in after their third pass on your decoys is poetry.  Enjoying the grace of a whitetail silently walking a trail to within a few yards of your treestand can’t be beat by many things in life.  I am truly a blessed man to be a part of this group of hunters and sportsmen.  To enjoy this passion, this obsession, and to be able to pass this on to my kids is something that truly humbles me.  I am blessed.

Brian’s Gear List:

  • Waterfowl & Turkey Shotgun: Remington 1187
  • Upland Shotgun: Remington 1100
  • Whitetail Rifle: Remington 700; 270 Win.
  • Scope: Remington 3×9
  • Bow: Mathews Z7 Extreme 
 Brian’s Favorite Hunts: 
  • Whitetail; bow from a treestand
  • Ducks; open water with a big decoy spread
  • Fishing; trolling downriggers and planner boards
Brian’s Dream Hunts:
  • Caribou; Alaska 
  • Elk; Montana

About: Kent Williams


I spent the first five years of my life in Indiana. Being the son of a wildlife biologist my early years were spent surrounded by the woods and wildlife. Some of my earliest memories are of my family fishing for blue gill in our small pond next to our house.

I received my first 20 gauge shotgun for my fifth birthday. Now, of course, I wasn’t allowed to take it out whenever I wanted.  My family was incredibly strict on gun safety. But I technically had my own shotgun and I loved it. The first time I shot my 20 gauge was awesome. The second time, however, I failed to keep it shouldered firmly.  The gun kicked and tears began to well up in my eyes. My father grabbed the gun and I ran in the house to my mom. My shoulder turned black and blue but my father told me it was a “badge of honor, a sign that I had shot a shotgun”.  I wore that badge proudly!

When I was six my father’s job took us to Northwest Minnesota into some of the wildest areas around. We had to drive an hour to the nearest town with a grocery store just to get milk.  We may have been isolated from civilization but we were surrounded by deer, moose, ducks, wolves and the best of Minnesota’s beautiful wildlife. Here, at a very young age, I learned how to hunt and trap.

Once again my father’s job moved us but this time we didn’t go far. Here my family would buy a house with a few acres of land where we are truly blessed to have some of the best deer hunting in the state of Minnesota.

In high school I didn’t play football.  Not because I wasn’t big enough but because the football season got in the way of duck and archery season. My after school sports were bow hunting, grouse hunting, and duck hunting and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Today I live a few hours away from the family farm which makes getting out a challenge.  While it’s been tough on hunting deer and ducks it’s allowed me to discover a love for hunting pheasants (and I still get back to the farm as often as possible).  

I have been incredibly blessed by God to have been raised in the outdoors. A tradition I hope to pass on to future generations.   

Kent’s Gear List:

  • Waterfowl & Turkey Shotgun; Remington 870 12 Gauge
  • Upland Shotgun; Wingmaster 28 Gauge 
  • Rifle; Tikka M695 .270 Win.
  • Scope; Tasco High Country 9X13
  • Muzzleloader; CVA Kentucky Long Rifle .45 Caliber
  • Bow; Hoyt USA
  • Sidearm: Springfield 1911; .45 ACP
Kent’s Favorite Hunts:
  • Pheasants; Southwest Minnesota
  • Ducks; Thief Lake Minnesota
  • Whitetail Deer: North West Minnesota Rifle and Bow
  • Ruffed Grouse; Northern Minnesota
  • Wild Turkey; Minnesota & Missouri
Kent’s Dream Hunts:
  • Elk; Western United States
  • Red Stag; Europe
  • Wild Boar; Georgia
  • Moose; Alaska
  • Bear; Minnesota