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Six Duck Identification Factors: Mallard
Mallard Pair

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Probably the most well-known, at least to the masses, of all ducks is the Mallard and rightfully so!  Its North American population puts the Mallard at around 11.6 million breeding birds (2015 DU traditional area survey).  This ranks the Mallard as having the largest duck population in North America. One of the […]

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“That Guy”: The Plopper

Dont Be That Guy… I have had the opportunity (we’ll call it that…) to hunt public land my entire life.  Whether it was for ducks, deer, or pheasants, I have hunted them all on public land.  Sometimes my experience has been great and other times not so great.  I can handle a slow day or […]

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“That Guy”: Johnny Come Lately
Johnny Come Lately

Don’t Be That Guy… We’ve all been there!  Anyone who has hunted or hunts public waters has seen him…and we all want to punch him in the throat.  He seems like he’s everywhere, every state, every body of water. It’s shooting time.  You have a flock of ducks working your spread.  You give a couple […]

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