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That Guy: “The Marksmen”

– Today’s “That Guy” is brought to us by a special guest writer; Gary Barrett. –  I was new to deer hunting and still using a borrowed rifle. The “Marksmen” whom I never met helped me decide what type of action I would eventually purchase for my own deer rifle. It was Saturday morning and […]

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The How-To For Decoys: Turkey
Hen Decoys

As we pursue turkeys, ducks, deer, or any other animal we may use them for, decoys serve one purpose; to get our target within range.   The idea is very simple.  We place fake animals in a place where the real animals will see them and, for one reason or another, approach them.  But is the […]

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Call Like A Hen: Talking Turkey

As hunters, we take every opportunity available to increase our chances of success.  In its simplest form, we use tools to play on animal’s senses; scents to lure in the big buck, decoys so ducks see a “safe” place to land, food plots to draw deer where we want, or calls to produce sounds that attract […]

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Getting Started With A Diaphragm Call

The art of calling can be the most enjoyable or most frustrating aspect of turkey hunting.  When done right it can bring in the weariest of toms; when done wrong it can clear the woods.  Because of the low-cost and ability to effectively, and without movement, reproduce the various sounds turkeys make, the diaphragm call […]

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LOH Story: Highs and Lows

LOH Story #1 Submitted by Matt Barrett  A cold, windy Sunday afternoon in 2011, Kent and I sat together in my favorite stand facing east over a strip of farm land.  The strip, about 100 yards straight across, is lined with woods on both sides; heavy on the west, where we sat, and lighter on […]

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