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LOH Story: First Successful Whitetail Archery Hunt.
A large whitetail buck stands in an open meadow in Tennessee with a touch of fall color in the background

When I was a teenager I grew up on one of the best deer hunting locations in Minnesota. My family was blessed to own a few hundred acres of land. Half of which was wooded and the other half tillable farm land. This combination led to a wonderful deer haven! Once in the winter my […]

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LOH Story: A Mothers Perspective On Hunting.
Debs Turkey 2016

LOH Story #2 Submitted by Deb Williams Here at Love Of Hunting we are passionate about the outdoors.  Whether it’s sitting in a deer stand or duck blind, chasing turkeys, or just watching the sun rise or set, we simply love being outside. One of our favorite aspects of spending time outdoors is getting to […]

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Hunting Dog: Take a Chance, Make the Commitment

Since I was a little kid I had always wanted a hunting dog. Specifically a black lab. My Father had a black lab named Drake that he bought when he was a single man. When my brothers and I came along Drake was already old. Unfortunately Drake passed away when I was about five years […]

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