Six Duck Identification Factors: Mallard
Mallard Pair

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Probably the most well-known, at least to the masses, of all ducks is the Mallard and rightfully so!  Its North American population puts the Mallard at around 11.6 million breeding birds (2015 DU traditional area survey).  This ranks the Mallard as having the largest duck population in North America. One of the […]

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The How-To For Decoys: Turkey
Hen Decoys

As we pursue turkeys, ducks, deer, or any other animal we may use them for, decoys serve one purpose; to get our target within range.   The idea is very simple.  We place fake animals in a place where the real animals will see them and, for one reason or another, approach them.  But is the […]

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Call Like A Hen: Talking Turkey

As hunters, we take every opportunity available to increase our chances of success.  In its simplest form, we use tools to play on animal’s senses; scents to lure in the big buck, decoys so ducks see a “safe” place to land, food plots to draw deer where we want, or calls to produce sounds that attract […]

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Getting Started With A Diaphragm Call

The art of calling can be the most enjoyable or most frustrating aspect of turkey hunting.  When done right it can bring in the weariest of toms; when done wrong it can clear the woods.  Because of the low-cost and ability to effectively, and without movement, reproduce the various sounds turkeys make, the diaphragm call […]

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Hunting Dog: Take a Chance, Make the Commitment

Since I was a little kid I had always wanted a hunting dog. Specifically a black lab. My Father had a black lab named Drake that he bought when he was a single man. When my brothers and I came along Drake was already old. Unfortunately Drake passed away when I was about five years […]

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